Current Convolutional Neural Networks come in a variety of sizes and have rapidly evolving architectures, but they must all perform massive numbers of convolutions. Because of their computational limitations, these networks can only process very small images of a few hundred pixels on a side.

Look Dynamics’ Light-Field Processor changes the equation!

Optical Processing

Look Dynamics’ Light-Field Processor harnesses the ultimate parallelism of photons to enable processing of very large images in a small fraction of the time and power required by GPUs or even custom Neural Network ASICs.

CNNs are no longer limited to small images!

Technology Comparison

The Light Field Processor supports all Convolutional Neural Net architectures including AlexNet, VGGnet, ResNet and more. The following image shows an example comparison of Look Dynamics’ Light-Field Processor implementation of the AlexNet architecture vs common GPU architecture.


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